Showman of the Year

It's an annual tradition that Variety selects a Showman of the Year. But this year, it's not a celebrity, studio, director or producer. It's a company. Our company. HBO.

2010 was a very big year in these hallways. We pushed out critically acclaimed new series, Boardwalk Empire, and the highly anticipated miniseries, The Pacific. We brought back returning seasons of our biggest hit, True Blood, and fan favorites: Hung, Bored To Death and Eastbound & Down. We won Emmys for the brilliant Temple Grandin and You Don't Know Jack. In short, we were busy!

What I loved best was the actual cover of Variety. Instead of choosing show clips or pasting our executives' mugs on newsstands, they chose all of us. That's every HBO employee on the cover, taking a little bow and small pat on the back. Congrats!