Creative Director

Erin Dee Denniston is an award-winning creative executive with over twelve years of experience promoting some of television's best series, miniseries, films, documentaries, sports and theatricals. She is an effective communicator and strategic thinker who comes armed with excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. Erin is a strong collaborator, a team leader and always aims to surpass clients’ expectations by delivering breakthrough creative that is on time and under budget.

Originally from Illinois, Erin is a Gator graduate from the University of Florida. After more than a decade in New York City, she's settling on the West Coast this fall. Once she learns to navigate the 405 and the 101, Erin looks forward to exploring the best sushi LA has to offer. In addition to her passion for television, she has a love of iced coffee, photography and flip flops. Erin lives to travel and has a healthy obsession with live music. Her favorite word is moxie and her favorite band is The Rolling Stones.


Download her resume here.